Konzert-Arien Für Bass Und Orchester

Article excerpt

MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS (1756-1791). KONZERT-ARIEN FÜR BASS UND ORCHESTER (Edition for Bass and Piano). Edited by Franz Beyer with embellishments by Robert Holl. Edition Breitkopf, 2008.

Another scholarly edition from Breitkopf & Härtel, this volume brings together all nine of Mozart's concert arias for bass and orchestra for the first time in a "practice-oriented edition for voice and piano" (Preface, 6). All were composed for specific occasions during Mozart's mature years and intended for concert performance by singers the composer knew personally. Two of the arias were composed for the opera stage, but the other seven are true concert arias, one being a piece for bass voice with a virtuoso double-bass obbligato part. The double-bass part was composed for Friedrich Pischelberger, a fine player for whom several concertos also were composed.

The Preface contains detailed notes on performance practice, including the appoggiatura, the treatment of recitative, dynamics, and cadenzas, as well as notes on each aria and its text. …