Society without Drugs?

Article excerpt

Society without drugs? Author: Slavko Sakoman Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb, 2008 ISBN 953-6666-19-7

Prof. Slavko Sakoman as an internationally recognized scientist, expert in the field of addiction treatment and prevention, and founder of many prevention programs, has been fighting the problem of drug abuse for around thirty years. And this book is one of his best publications. The book is divided into ten sections. The first, introduction, talks about drug abuse as a civilization problem. The second speaks about the epidemiology of drug abuse in Croatia, with parts on the repressive system in Croatia, activities of the center for prevention and out-of-hospital treatment at the University hospital »Sestre milosrdnice during 2000, and the assessment of the epidemiologic situation at the end of 2000. The third section addresses the fundamental characteristics of drug abuse in Croatia. It lists the state of drug abuse in Croatia, the influence of socio-poütical processes and transition on the supply and demand of drugs and the quality of prevention programs. The author also describes how the economic condition influences the drug abuse epidemic, the illegal drug trade in Croatia, the economic cost of drugs, drug abuse and national security, drug abuse and health. He describes the development, organization and implementation of prevention programs since 1990, and mentions the institutions that deal with specific prevention measures and the treatment and rehabilitation of addicts. The author states the current level of international cooperation in the field of drug abuse prevention, the perspectives of the situation, the basic causes of drug abuse. …


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