Review: Economics of Environmental Management

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Review: Economics of Environmental Management By Ans Kolk Reviewed by Gopalsamy G. Poyyamoli Pondicherry University, India Ans Kolk. Economics of Environmental Management. Essex, United Kingdom: Prentice Hall/Pearson Education, 2000. 205pp. ISBN 0-273-64238-3 (paper). US$157.50

Environmental management essentially includes a wide array of principles and practices, and has evolved to maturity only very recently. It is no wonder that writing an introductory textbook on the economics of environmental management, without subscribing to any singular dogma or prescription, for students with wide academic backgrounds, environmental managers, regulators, and consultants, is a challenging task. Dr. Ans Kolk has succeeded fairly well, due to several factors such as her long-term teaching responsibilities, research activities, and academic contacts that coincide closely with the topic of the book.

The approach of the book is refreshingly different from many of the standard texts on this topic. This new book consists of two parts with four and three chapters respectively, besides an introduction and conclusion. The book is well structured, with the plan of the book, abbreviations and acronyms, bibliography and index. Each chapter introduces the topic to the readers and describes the concepts and principles using relevant exhibits, tables, figures, and case studies. The case studies, exhibits, and examples are carefully chosen to represent the depth and breadth of the topic. Each chapter concludes with a carefully distilled summary of important concepts and questions for discussion (except for the first and the last chapters), besides an annotated bibliography containing critical comments on each reference, along with a wealth of key links to websites. The chapters use a minimum of mathematical jargon. Thus, the book is written in a remarkably easy and accessible style, which makes it very suitable as a self-study textbook or a companion text.

The first chapter introduces the reader to the topic of environmental management. It reviews the various divergent views on the topic, their historical development, and discusses how they have affected the research agenda. …


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