Review: Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy

Article excerpt

Review: Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy By Natalia Mirovitskaya and William L. Ascher, eds. Reviewed by Umar Karim Mirza Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Pakistan Natalia Mirovitskaya, & William L. Ascher (Eds.). Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2001. 391 pp. ISBN 0-8223-2745-7 (paperback). US$34.95. Alkaline paper.

The Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy is a work by 25 contributors coming from varying backgrounds and institutions, some of them from outside the United States.

The table of contents is very extensive followed by a short introduction to the guide and brief biographical descriptions of contributors. There are six main chapters that have been divided into sub-chapters. The first chapter provides an introduction to development and environment while the second one discusses sustainability. Major factors behind development and environmental change are highlighted in the third chapter.

Chapter four talks about the international political economy of environment and development. The concept of decision-making has been elaborated in chapter five. Chapter six is devoted to the presentation of major problems of environmental degradation and development. A list of references has been provided before the index marking the end of the book.

The beauty of this guide is the thorough treatment of terminology and definitions related to global environmental and developmental issues, which makes it a really useful resource. There is a wealth of information on policies, models, and analysis of environmental problems. …


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