Review: Environmental Politics and Policy in Industrialized Countries

Article excerpt

Review: Environmental Politics and Policy in Industrialized Countries By Uday Desai (Ed.) Reviewed by M. Tayyeb Javed Islamabad, Pakistan Uday Desai (Ed.). Environmental Politics and Policy in Industralialized Countries. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002. 403 pp. ISBN 0-262-54137-8 (paperback, alk. paper). US$25.00

To protect the scenic beauty of our global village from environmental degradation by high-production and high-consumption lifestyle (mostly in developed and partially in developing countries) for ourselves and for future generations, it is the duty of every human and nation to take an active role in environmental protection.

Environmental Politics and Policy in Industrialized Countries, edited by Uday Desai, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and the editor-in-chief of Policy Studies Journal, presents the environmental policies and their causes, consequences, and effectiveness in seven major industrialized nations: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia and Japan.

Comprised of contributions by eminent social and political scientists (Uday Desai, Michael E. Kraft, Glen Toner, John McCormick, Helmut Weidner, Rudolf Lewanski, Angela Liberatore, K. J. Walker, and Jeffrey Broadbent), this work is an excellent collection for sociologists, political scientists, public administrators, engineers, and doctors (indeed, anyone who is engaged in fighting environmental pollution) to understand the environmental policy and politics in these seven major industrialized countries. …


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