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Academic journal article Middle East Quarterly


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To the Editor:

I wish to respond to Barak Seener's article ("Targeting Israelis via International Law," Fall 2009), which cited me as evidence of NGOs' "political" motivations for lawsuits against Israeli officials.

First, I have never been an attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights (I was a cooperating attorney, employed by another firm). Any of my personal views or motivations that Mr. Seener thinks can be discerned from a petition I once signed should not be imputed to that organization.

To address the central moral issue raised by the article, all actors - state and non-state alike - should be bound by international law. Indiscriminate or disproportionate attacks upon civilians are immoral and illegal, regardless of who undertakes them and regardless of the context. These norms should be enforced universally and any attempt to enforce them should be applauded.

Michael Poulshock

Pennington, N.J.

Barak Seener responds:

The political objectives of the petition that Mr. …

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