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Environmental Information Sources

Academic journal article Electronic Green Journal

Environmental Information Sources

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Organizations' and Research Associations' Web Sites

Biodiesel: National Biodiesel Board Web Site

This site is a source for consumer and trade information about biodiesel, defined on the site as, "a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils like soybean oil." Background information is provided along with a list of FAQ as well as links to press releases and news features. A Reports Database offers searchable access to .PDF files of technical reports from government agencies and private organizations. This official Web site of the National Biodiesel Board explains the board's purpose as "a national trade association representing the biodiesel industry as the coordinating body for research and development in the US." (Adapted from Librarians' Index to the Internet, LII, copyright 2004,

Climate of Uncertainty: American Radio Works Documentary

This is a one-hour audio program produced by Daniel Grossman and John Rudolph that examines potential effects of global warming on the northern half of the United States in future decades. Sections of the program concentrate on ice cores used in paleoclimatology, the status of a massive current known as the great ocean conveyor belt which affects climate, and possible actions humans could take to reduce climatic catastrophe. (This site was reviewed in 2004 by the Internet Scout Project (; see copyright statement at the end of this section.)

Environment Media Services (EMS): Library

The EMS is "a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing journalists with the most current information on environmental issues," and its Web site has been featured in this column before, but it bears another visit to remind readers of the valuable Library section. Background information, fast facts, press releases, summaries of news stories, and links to reliable Web sites are provided for major topics within the broad categories of: Environmental Health; Energy; Transportation & Sprawl; Climate & Air; Land & Ecology; Oceans & Water; Government; and Consumer. Options for the reader to find stories of current events or an overview of a particular topic are clear and well organized.

Extreme Oil

This Web site provides background to a documentary produced by the Educational Broadcasting Corporation and Thirteen/WNET New York that aired in September 2004 presenting the extremes to which oil industry operators must go to find the resource now that the easy sources have been exhausted. Three visually appealing segments, entitled: The Journey, The History, and The Science, present aspects of the story. The Journey traces oil from four specific sources in the world from its origins in the earth to consumer use, elaborating on how source sites determine equipment needed, businesses involved, environmental factors, political decisions, and what happens to enormous amounts of money. The History segment reveals how rapidly the oil industry changed from the late 19th century to the present along with scientific developments that found increasing use for petroleum products in a variety of industries. The section on Science examines exploration, production, transportation, and refining, with a special Excavation Feature in which readers may learn about oil extraction methods and determine which make the most sense based on advantages and drawbacks presented. Includes a visual chronology depicting key discoveries, geographic locations, and players in the evolution of the oil industry. (This site was reviewed in 2004 by the Internet Scout Project (http://scout. …

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