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We have recently received a bequest from Victor Kay, an IGS member from California, of approximately $460,000. Mr. Kay was a member of the International Society for General Semantics for many years and valued GS as an important discipline in promoting human sanity and cooperation. For those of you who feel similarly, we ask that you include the IGS in your wills.

General semantics was well represented at an international conference on youth, media, and education titled "Media Conversations VI" that was held June 4-6 at various venues in New York City. On the last day of the conference, IGS president Martin H. Levinson, ETC editor Bill Petkanas, and IGS trustee Thorn Gencarelli participated in a panel titled "Mapping the Media" at Fordham University. IGS executive director Lance Strate also gave a GS lecture to an information science class at Pratt University and served on a panel dealing with heroes and role models in media that was held at The Players, a club founded by the nineteenth-century Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth for the promotion of social intercourse for those practicing and interested in the arts. IGS literature, which included a call for papers to the AKML and ETC subscription forms, was distributed to conference participants.

On June 18-21, IGS co-sponsored the 10th Annual Media Ecology Conference, which was held at St. Louis University. Attendees were provided with our promotional material, and MEA members were encouraged to join the IGS and attend the AKML. Executive director Lance Strate and IGS trustee Corey Anton also gave a workshop on general semantics that was well attended and well received.

On June 27, IGS secretary and trustee Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer launched a brainstorming meeting in preparation for a September GS training session in Paris. At that meeting, GS brochures and leaflets were distributed to the participants. News of the September GS training session will be reported in the next issue of ETC.

"Across the Generations: Legacies of Hope and Meaning," an international conference featuring the 57th AKML by cultural anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson and dozens of GS and GS-related talks and panels occurred September 11-13, 2009, at Fordham University's Lincoln Center Campus. …


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