Beyond Anthrax: The Weaponization of Infectious Diseases

Article excerpt

Larry I. Lutwick, Suzanne M. Lutwick (Eds.) Beyond Anthrax TheWeaponization of Infectious Diseases Humana Press -C/O Springer Science + Business Media 333 Meadowlands Pkwy Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA. 374 p. 6 illus. ISBN 1-58829438-2. 978-1-58829-438-8. Price $149.00. £75.50. An electronic version will be available through

Biological warfare has, unfortunately, in the post 9/11 world become a significant topic of discussion in both the medical and lay presses. In the wake of the biological 'letter bombs' containing anthrax spores, the possibility of biologic and/or toxic attacks on civilians in any part of the world became no longer a possibility. It is now part of common discussion and consciousness. This book presents the history of the topics and clinically relevant discussions on those high risk (Category A) diseases beyond anthrax as well as a number of infections and toxins at the Category B level. Importantly, in addition, the text includes sections on Public Health Infrastructure, Public Health Law, Surveillance, Mental Health Management and Media Role all of which relate to epidemics of any sort, not just intentional biological events. …


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