Academic journal article Creative Nursing

From the Guest Editors

Academic journal article Creative Nursing

From the Guest Editors

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We must move from examining our world in terms of either/or to examining multiple dimensions simultaneously.

-Maxine Greene


For years, people who care about nursing have questioned how to best prepare nurses to enter the practice, how to facilitate role transition (whether among new nurses or those making changes well into a career), and how to integrate education and practice. These and similar questions approach nursing education and nursing practice as separate and o.. en distinct arenas rather than as integral, intertwined components of a complex profession. As a knowledge-based profession, continually seeking new knowledge and bringing it to life within our practice provides the foundation of our work.

By considering practice and education as part of a single whole, the intended and unintended consequences of changes can be more fully considered. And yet, simultaneous examination requires some comfort with ambiguity and dichotomy. Preparing nurses to practice in the complex environment of the future creates challenges for their practice in the environment of today. We are immersed in an environment in which we must simultaneously prepare for and practice with certainty and with ambiguity, with rational analysis and with creativity, in a milieu of order and of disorder.

In 2010, Creative Nursing examines the intersection of learning with nursing practice. In this issue, managing editor Marty Lewis-Hunstiger discusses the plans for this Year of Learning. This fi rst issue of 2010 brings together multiple perspectives on how nurses practice and how they continue to develop throughout their careers across geographic boundaries and when faced with new and unimaginable situations.

Working on this issue pushed me to examine how we view the world from our perspectives as educators, practitioners, and leaders. In the process, coeditor Jim Meyer and I discovered many common ideas and questions. We share a concern for how to best develop a collective, eff ective practice regardless of practice site or work group. We discovered a shared desire to look at the profession from broader frameworks in order to gain perspective. Finally, we share a love of reading many diff erent perspectives and experiences to inform ourselves and others. We hope you will enjoy the collection of perspectives gathered here.


As the junior member of the Creative Nursing editorial board (at least in terms of professional experience), I've been privileged to sit at the roundtable and hear conversation and concerns about the profession that were far above my level and at times over my head. …

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