Human Physiology and Functional Anatomy

Article excerpt


Vladimir E. Trajkovski

Even though the medicine is one of the oldest sciences, there has been centuries long attention on the human anatomy and physiology studying and there have been many sources of information. After all there is not an adequate satisfaction of the special educators and rehabilitators needs for studying these problems. According to the fact that the Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation is relatively young Institute, we can note that the special educators and rehabilitators staff was dealing with the problems of deficient materials, which are large extensive and go beyond their interests, or they are indigent and they do not educate enough the things for the human physiology and anatomy.

Ph.D. Vladimir E. Trajkovski achieving a longtime close cooperation with the special educators and rehabilitators and noticing the previously mentioned problem, approached to its solving, and at the same time giving his own contribution to the enriching of the collection of scientific publications, with one book prepared according to the modern world standards.

The book Human Physiology and Functional Anatomy presents a successful continuing of the same named script published in 2007 year, leaded from the main goal, better acquaintance of the students with the goals and contents of the same subject, Physiology and functional anatomy and to get the necessary knowledge about the organization, structure and functioning of the human body as whole, which will be used as base for further expert and scientific addition. But the material exhaustiveness, scientific base of the information and rich illustration, make this book useful not just for under-graduate students, but also for postgraduate students, special educators and rehabilitators who work in educational, rehabilitation or social institutions, for psychologists, medical students and other expert profiles which are in direct or indirect correlation with the human physiology and anatomy.

Human Physiology and Functional Anatomy consists of 468 pages in B5 format, divided in 17 chapters. Each chapter presents abundant interpretation of some human body system, which is wealthy illustrated with pictures and figures, and it ends with a part consisting of questions related to the interpreted topic, intended for easier overcoming of the material and pointing the more meaningful information, whose answers are at the end of the book. Beside the chapters with interpretation of the systems, the book is also enriched with an anatomical-physiological dictionary, which is of inestimable meaning for the readers, enabling them an explanation of the expert terminology. The scientific value and admittance of the elaborated contents, the author Trajkovski enlarges with inserting the part in which are explained all abbreviations used in the book, as well as the index of the words. …


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