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Academic journal article New Zealand Physical Educator


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. . . It's a game much like dodgeball where the opposition are eliminated when they are hit by a ball, but wait there's more.


To eliminate all opposition from their playing area


* Each team lines up side by side along their en-zone line

* The teacher calls 'On your marks, get set, go' (students are to follow this call to practice sprint starts).

* Players run to the centre line of the court to retrieve balls

* Players must not cross the halfway line

* Players may run with the ball

* Players can only be hit below waist height.

* When they are hit they are sent to the oppositions en-zone

* If an opponent's ball is caught before it touches the ground the thrower is sent to the oppositions en-zone

* Players may re-enter their throwing half from the en-zone once they have received a catch 'on the fu II' from a team mates shot-put style (push from the shoulder) pass

* Players may use their ball to deflect opposition's shots

* If a player attempts to field or catch a ball and it is dropped or fumbled, the player is eliminated and moves to the oppositions en-zone

* No defenders may enter the oppositions en-zone

* Equipment

* 10 cones/markers to define enzones

* 8-10 large soft balls (more balls = greater difficulty)

* 1 set of bibs

Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills - throwing, catching and dodging



* side on to the target

* keep throwing 'elbow high' with 'long arm' at release

* follow through with the throwing arm in the direction of the target.


* move body 'behind the ball'

* 'watch the ball!

* 'cushion' the ball into hands and then chest


* low centre of gravity (bend knees)

* keep weight on the balls of the feet

* strong, powerful movement starting at the ball of foot to move laterally



* the width of the playing area can increased or reduced to change intensity


* to 'free' a player from the opposition's end zone they must be freed with a drop kick or punt instead of a pass or to keep with an athletics theme, a discus style throw could be used. …

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