Academic journal article Michigan Quarterly Review

Guggenheim Abstract

Academic journal article Michigan Quarterly Review

Guggenheim Abstract

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Tell me your story, the turpentine said:

introduce yourself,


do one of us in. The mayflies' whine,

the rasp of toads, spores peppering,

invisibly, the turf; my once again


this time. How tenderly the red sun sank,

how the moon swiped at the droplets. A man

just left of Frank Lloyd Wright said


one finger on reverse. The tape loops back

to a plenary address, conventioneers

in velvet galleries. Our work's in progress:

in the beginning,

Kandinsky, and after Malevich, and then, and then. ...

What terrible ends they kept from us, singed dolls,

argosies of smoke,


and such flat feet, such sexy afternoons in small Saigon

hotels: Le Vendome, Les Quatre Chats. Weather, slightly


a drizzle loiters at the corner, blued;

neat Piet

cruises his mind. Now we near the hanging gardens,

give or take a storey, what was forest clears,

and in airless elevators, icons shatter

to the hum

of fans. …

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