Academic journal article German Quarterly

From the Editors

Academic journal article German Quarterly

From the Editors

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The theme of the Quarter is Heimat - and my colleague, Dr. Kata Gellen, has succinct and penetrating comments, appended immediately after my own.

Looking in the opposite direction [forward], we need to alert our readership to the discussion groups on the issues confronting the profession at the next MLA Convention. These will be co-sponsored by the AATG, and a selection of the texts will be published in GQ at this time next year. Dr. Katherine Arens is managing the project and has invited contributions with this text: "Responding to the 2007 MLA Report, considering the place of German language/Studies within the university context: Policies, best practices, outsiders' views." If you have productive thoughts along these lines, Dr. Arens would be glad to hear from you []. And of course we would welcome more responses to our forum on Close Reading [82.4].

James Rolleston

Wieviel Heimat braucht der Mensch?

On June 15, 1947, Hermann Broch wrote to his friend Else Spitzer from his Princeton exile:

merkwürdig, daß Dich und wahrscheinlich auch Fritz [Else's husband] noch immer die sogenannte Heimatlosigkeit stört. Da bin ich viel israelitischer, denn ich habe mich tatsächlich, bei aller Liebe zu manchen Landschaften, mein ganzes Leben lang ausschließlich diasporesk gefühlt, wovon ich allerdings die Wiener Küche ausnehmen muß, die immerhin eine Heimatsbindung darstellt [...]. Aber ansonsten fühle ich mich auch ohne Heimatsgefühl durchaus glücklich, und manchmal mache ich hierzu ein Kitschgedicht. …

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