Academic journal article Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society

The Cult of Franz Boas and His "Conspiracy" to Destroy the White Race1

Academic journal article Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society

The Cult of Franz Boas and His "Conspiracy" to Destroy the White Race1

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Americans Who Have Damaged White Interests

1. Lyndon Johnson

2. Franklin Roosevelt

3. William Clinton

4. Abraham Lincoln

5. Theodore [Edward] Kennedy

6. Earl Warren

7. Martin Luther King

8. John Kennedy

9. Jesse Jackson

10. Richard Nixon

11. James Carter

12. Franz Boas

13. D wight Eisenhower

14. Eleanor Roosevelt

15. Harry Truman

16. Woodrow Wilson

Americans Who Have Advanced White Interests

1. Jared Taylor

2. Patrick Buchanan

3. David Duke

4. Thomas Jefferson

5. Samuel Francis

6. Robert E. Lee

7. George Washington

8. Wilmont Robertson

9. Nathan B. Forest

10. Arthur Jensen

11. William Pierce

12. Teddy Roosevelt

13. Charles Lindbergh

14. Charles Murray

15. George L. Rockwell

16. William Shockley

American Renaissance Magazine

(August 1997, p. 9)

THESE RANK-ORDERED LISTS of Americans who have advanced or damaged white interests appeared in American Renaissance, a magazine that bills itself as the leading journal of race-realist thinking (Taylor 1997:9). Reasonably well argued, and free of the glaring racial epithets and jarring anti-Semitism that pepper much of the white pride literature, American Renaissance is a favorite among the tweed-jacket and sherry set of the white pride movement. The magazine's editor, Jared Taylor, published this list along with others in an article that reported the findings of an extensive survey he conducted about the views, beliefs, and interests of his readership.

After presidents, recent presidential candidates, Supreme Court justices, first ladies, and Civil War heroes are crossed off, the list becomes interesting as it relates to the history of anthropology. On the side that documents those who have damaged white interests, there are two names left - Franz Boas and Martin Luther King Jr. The people left on the other side include an interesting mix of scientists, pundits, and organizers of white supremacist organizations; and, of course, one of the most celebrated heroes of the white pride movement, the American aviator turned Nazi sympathizer, Charles Lindbergh. The survey was wideranging. Taylor dutifully enumerated the number of children, handguns, and years of education of each of his readers. At first glance this survey seems to be of little significance, save for the sentiments of the 391 loyal respondents who deemed the magazine's editor the most important "American who has advanced white interests" (Taylor 1997:9).

One must ask, however, why was Franz Boas even considered alongside such historic figures as Martin Luther King Jr., Earl Warren, and Lyndon B. Johnson - people easily identifiable with the civil rights movement? In short, within the quite diverse communities that advocate such things as white pride, Holocaust denial, white supremacy, immigration restriction, and a cornucopia of racisms, Franz Boas is singled out as the one scholar that white supremacists and anti-Semites love to hate.

Deemed the "Godfather of the Multi-Cult Nightmare," and the fabricator of the "equalitarian dogma," Franz Boas is often portrayed within these circles as the man who somehow singlehandedly perpetuated the myth that all races have an equal potential for achieving intelligence and developing civilizations, as well as the idea that cultures cannot be evaluated against the standard of Western civilization. During the late 1940s through the mid-1960s, scholars, politicians, and pundits who were fearful of desegregation and threatened by the specter of racial amalgamation, more or less, invented or reinvented a Franz Boas who was the evil Jew who attracted a cult following responsible for spreading vicious propaganda about racial equality and cultural relativism. As one pundit opined, the idea that there are no pure races was a "hoax contrived by Franz Boas, a twisted little Jew, who popped into the United States, [and] was, for undisclosed reasons, made Professor of Anthropology in Columbia University, and founded a school of fiction-writing called 'social anthropology'" (Oliver 2003:24-25). …

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