Academic journal article Antipodes

Canberra Rondelets

Academic journal article Antipodes

Canberra Rondelets

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Here is the shade.

In a field, a tree's small statement.

Here is the shade.

In a landscape of erasures,

rubbed surfaces; a fire-work's

frozen flower, its shade thrown down.

Here is the shade.


The bright foaming

grasses, the co-existence of

the bright foaming

cloud, the sparse aquarium of

sky, a liquorice twist of tree.

A street-lamp stoops. In lieu of grass,

the bright foaming.


Parliament house

lands, a UFO. Clouds alight.

Parliament house.

Clouds alight over soft-poured hills.

Trees offer sparse bouquets of shade.

A hedge makes a break for freedom.

Parliament house.


Trees, quivering,

anticipate the coming storm.

Trees quivering.

Sculptures sculpt surrounding spaces.

Willows teem on a rolling creek.

Bull-ants, etch-a-sketching the dust.

Trees, quivering.


Lily-pads shine,

serve exquisite floral desserts.

Lily-pads shine

in the strong afternoon light like

polished saucers on gleaming cloth.

Carp shelter in the shade beneath.

Lily-pads shine.

A galaxy

of flowers, sustained by a shrub.

A galaxy.

Terrains of shade maintain their space.

Between the gums, birds flitting like

insects, insects flying like birds.

A galaxy.


A sculpture wrings

moisture from the late afternoon.

A sculpture wrings.

Parrots pester the dozing grass.

A statue contemplates the pond;

perpetual carp, the water.

A sculpture wrings.

The sandstone church,

standing in the foreground. …

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