Academic journal article The Journal of Government Financial Management

Corporate Partner Program Is Building the Bridge between Government and Industry through Networking, Robust Research

Academic journal article The Journal of Government Financial Management

Corporate Partner Program Is Building the Bridge between Government and Industry through Networking, Robust Research

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For many years, private-sector organizations have supported AGA through individual memberships, advertising, exhibits, sponsorships and registrations for AGA-sponsored conferences and meetings. Private sector members have also served as outstanding volunteers on AGA committees and boards. The Corporate Partner program was developed and launched in 2002 to forge a vigorous relationship between private sector organizations and government leaders - AGA's membership and constituency.

The mission of the Corporate Partner Program is to bring industry and government executives together to exchange information, support professional development, improve communications and understanding, solve issues and build partnership and trust, thereby enhancing AGA's focus on advancing government accountability. After all, we need each other. We share common goals, and we can learn from each other's mistakes and successes.

Like AGA, the private sector is interested in improving the financial health of governments at all levels. Our Corporate Partners are knowledgeable about the latest industry trends in financial management, technology, auditing and budgeting. Strategies that work well in private companies also may work well in a government setting. The private sector offers services and products that can help government financial managers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

In the first year, 35 organizations became Corporate Partners. Today, the number has grown to 80 partners, including public accounting firms, major system integrators, IT companies, management consulting firms, financial services organizations, and education and training companies. These organizations have long-term commitments to advancing government accountability and choose to partner with and help AGA move forward as a thought leader in the government community.

Genesis and Development of the CPAG Research Program 2005-2010

Early in his tenure, AGA Executive Director Relmond P Van Daniker, DBA, CPA, brought research back to AGA. His intent was to create a program of sponsored and cooperative research that would be helpful to government at all levels.

With the help of the Corporate Partner Advisory Group (CPAG) and AGA's director of Research, he created a program that would allow Corporate Partners to "give something back" to their government clients by funding research that would contribute to good government and elevate AGA as a thought leader.

Members find the research useful. As Danny Kermode, who gave a presentation based on the research reports on XBRL at a conference held by AGA's Olympia Chapter, put it: "The use of the AGA reports allowed me to give a focused presentation with practical XBRL examples to an audience interested in XBRL from a governmental aspect rather than from a company's aspect. The company aspect is the perspective that the vast majority of resources and available presentations take."

The CPAG Research Series started during 2004, with the first report published in March 2005. The research program has produced 25 reports in all. The scope of the research is both federal as well as state and local government. Generally, the reports deal with auditing and accounting, financial management and other management issues. Figure 1 below shows the specific topics covered.

Some might say that 25 reports is impressive, but who uses them? CPAG Research Reports have been used in congressional testimony, U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance and Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports. In a new administration, congressional staff members make considerable use of CRS reports to become familiar with the issues. Educators in various universities use AGA CPAG research reports in their classroom teaching. Government financial managers and others from all over the U.S. and other countries call AGA to request CPAG reports when and after they are issued. Chapters regularly use them for training and professional development events. …

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