Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

The Professional Orientation Bases for the Public Affairs Administration Major/LES BASES DE POSITIONNEMENT DE LA SPÉCIALITÉ EN GESTION DES AFFAIRES PUBLIQUES

Academic journal article Canadian Social Science

The Professional Orientation Bases for the Public Affairs Administration Major/LES BASES DE POSITIONNEMENT DE LA SPÉCIALITÉ EN GESTION DES AFFAIRES PUBLIQUES

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Public affairs administration is the major that needs to establish professional orientation most. And it is a common issue needs to be addressed urgently to scientifically define the bases of the professional orientations. Professional orientation determination primarily depends on four primary bases of major property, subject advantage, industry dependence, and employment guidance. The major property is the core basis and any party can not break this bottom line. Both the subject advantage and the industry dependence highlight the feasibility of the professional orientation. And the employment guidance is the driving force to maintain the vigorous vitality of the professional orientation. An excellent professional orientation is supposed to be the outcome based on the comprehensive consideration on these bases.

Keywords: public affairs administration; major orientation; orientation basis

Résumé: La gestion des affaires publique est une spécialité qui nécessite le plus une orientation professionnelle. Les bases de définitin scientifique de l'orientation restent des problèmes communs à résoudre. Les bases principales de la définition de l'orientation professionnelle sont les attributs professionnels, les avantages de la spécialité, les supports professionnels et le guide de l'emploi. Les attributs professionals est la base fondamentale qui ne peut pas être dépassée. Les avantages de la spécialité et les supports professionnels mettent en évidence la faisabilité de l'orientation professionnelle. Le guide de l'empoi est de maintenir la vitalité de l'orientation professionnelle. Une orientation professionnelle de bonne qualité devrait être fondée sur une prise en considération complète de tous ces éléments.

Mots-clés: gestion des affaires publiques; orientation professionnelle; bases de positionnement

The public affair, in China is a category containing both enriched connotation and broad extension. There is no any university is able to include all fields in public affairs; and it is in fact impossible for a single university to open the major of Public Affairs Administration covering everything. In this case, it will be fairly difficult to highlight major features and employment advantages without clear school operation direction, even possibly lose the life-force of a major. Thereby public affairs administration is the major needs to establish orientation most. In terms of colleges with already-established major orientations, most of them either face the issues of "overbroad, serious dislocations, and the tendency of mixing up", or go off major properties, excluding normal, medical, and sports education colleges that have clearly defined major orientations. Some colleges thoughtlessly copy other schools' operation orientations regardless of their own situations, leading schools to fall into operational dilemma. Some schools even "change education solutions once a year and determine major orientations every single year". Determining major orientation is the primary task in the establishment of Public Affairs Administration major. The generation of clear and reasonable major orientation must depend on scientific orientation bases.


Public affairs administration publicly manages its subordinate subjects and owns two major essential properties of public affairs and dual management. Public affairs are non-profit social activities to take meeting public needs as fundamental goal and directly create conditions or offer services for social and economic development and people's lifestyle improvement. In addition to traditional sectors of "science, education, culture, health, and sports", public affairs administration as well covers emerging ones of social security, environmental protection, community services, and charities. The organizational carrier undertaking public affairs is generally called "public affairs organization" in academic circle. Public affairs organizations own non-profit, non-governmental, and broad social serving features, and they, in China, should include three legal types of institutions, social groups (excluding political organizations such as democratic parties), and privately owned non-enterprise institutions. …

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