Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Journal Index: Contents of Current Journals

Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Journal Index: Contents of Current Journals

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American Economic Review-Volume 99, Number 4, 2009.

Besley, T. and T. Persson. The Origins of State Capacity: Property Rights, Taxation, and Politics.

American Economic Review-Volume 99, Number 5, 2009.

Hendel, I., A. Nevo, and F. Magné. The Relative Performance of Real Estate Marketing Platforms: MLS Versus

Annals of Regional Science-Volume 44, Number 2, 2010.

Ahlfeldt, G. and W. Maennig. Impact of Sports Arenas On Land Values: Evidence from Berlin.

Andersson, D. Hotel Attributes and Hedonic Prices: An Analysis of Internet-Based Transactions in Singapore's Market for Hotel Rooms.

Valverde, S. and M. Escalona. Spatial Cournot Equilibrium: Do Branches Matter?

Appraisal Journal-Volume 77, Number 4, 2009.

Burrus, R., E. Graham, W. Hall, and P. Schuhmann. Home-Buyer Sentiment and Hurricane Landfalls.

DeWeese, G. Deriving Capitalization Rates and Other Valuation Metrics from the REIT Market.

Pomykacz, M. Defining and Supporting Entrepreneurial Profit, Entrepreneurial Incentive, and External Obsolescence.

Steinke, W. The REO Supplemental Addendum-Square Pegs and Round Holes.

Winson, K. and D. Jourdan. The Impact of Historic Facade Easements on Condominium Value.

Wolverton, M. Research Design, Hypothesis Testing, and Sampling.

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity-Volume 2009, Number 1, 2009.

Swagel, P. The Financial Crisis: An Inside View.

European Economic Review-Volume 54, Number 2, 2010.

Hellmanzik, C. Location Matters: Estimating Cluster Premiums for Prominent Artists.

Financial Analysts Journal-Volume 65, Number 5, 2009.

Derwall, J., J. Huij, D. Brounen, and W. Marquering. REIT Momentum and the Performance of Real Estate Mutual Funds.

Harvard Business Review-Volume 87, Number 10, 2009.

Mark, N. and S. Daniel. The Six Mistakes Executives Make in Risk Management.

Harvard Business Review-Volume 87, Number 11, 2009.

Apgar, M. What Every Leader Should Know About Real Estate.

International Journal of Strategic Property Management-Volume 13, Number 4, 2009.

Bello, V. and M. Bello. Valuation of Properties in Close Proximity to Waste Dumps Sites: The Nigeria Experience.

Falkenbach, H. Market Selection for International Real Estate Investments.

Hui, E. and Q. Gu. Study of Guangzhou House Price Bubble Based on State-Space Model.

Mitkus, S. and O. Sostak. Preservation of Healthy and Harmonious Residential and Work Environment During Urban Development.

Taltavull, P. Mass Appraisal Methods: an International Perspective for Property Valuers.

Zavadskas, E., A. Kaklauskas, and T. Vilutiene. Multicriteria Evaluation of Apartment Blocks Maintenance Contractors: Lithuanian Case Study.

International Real Estate Review-Volume 12, Number 3, 2009.

Borowiecki, K. The Determinants of House Prices and Construction: An Empirical Investigation of the Swiss Housing Economy.

Cho, M. Managing Mortgage Credit Risk: What Went Wrong With the Subprime and Alt-A Markets?

Chung, L. Hierarchical Linear Modeling to Explore the Influence of Satisfaction with Public Facilities on Housing Prices.

Liu, W. and Z. Zhou. Inflation-Hedging Behavior of a Securitized Real Estate Market: Empirical Evidence from Hong Kong.

Ratchatakulpat, T., P. Miller, and T. Marchant. Residential Real Estate Purchase Decisions in Australia: Is It More Than Location?

International Regional Science Review-Volume 32, Number 1, 2009.

Banasick, S., G. Lin, and R. Hanham. Deviance Residual Moran's I Test and its Application to Spatial Clusters of Small Manufacturing Firms in Japan.

Kronenberg, T. Construction of Regional Input-Output Tables Using Nonsurvey Methods: The Role of Cross-Hauling.

International Regional Science Review-Volume 32, Number 2, 2009.

Fingleton, B. …

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