Worship in the Early Church: An Anthology of Historical Sources

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Worship in the Early Church: An Anthology of Historical Sources, Vol. 1. By Lawrence J. Johnson. (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press/A Pueblo Book. 2009. Pp. xxii, 282. $74.95. ISBN 978-0-814-66197-0.)

In this volume, Lawrence J. Johnson, former editor and director of the Pastoral Press, presents sources of the liturgy in translation with an introduction and bibliography. The first volume treats Jewish sources, subapostolic texts, and texts from the second and third centuries in both East and West.The subsequent three volumes treat the fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries.

Each entry follows a similar pattern: the title of the work with a note about the source of the translation (usually the author's own), orienting bibliography, and the translation of the text. Johnson offers good orientations to the various texts, as illustrated by the following example. A topic controversial today is that of Hippolytus of Rome and the Apostolic Tradition. Johnson begins with an overview of the complications of the person of Hippolytus and gives an orienting bibliography. He then presents the Apostolic Tradition, giving an overview of the modern critical editions that led to the attribution of the "Egyptian Church Order" to Hippolytus and to the consideration of it as his work. …


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