Yo Yo Yo: Australopithecus Afrensis

Article excerpt

yo...yo...yo...in case you didn't know

I'm a woman, a mother, dred daughta, soul lover

sweet solid chocolate rock of Jah womanhood

money in the bank, soul sistah

knock on wood it's all good

after the years of tears

the fears...the lies

the cries

somebody better recognize

(somebody better recognize)

duck and dodge, comin' up like God

sistahs surviving the odds

so drop the sexist hype

stop the stereotypes

cause I'm an ebony Goddess

Queen mother doing it right

you've got to fight to survive

the things you see on t.v.

you can believe in the media hype

or you can believe in me

'cause if you believe

I'm just a physical thing

then you'll never see

the spiritual power that I bring

believe I'm the Eve to the Garden of Eden

know that I'm the virgin that gave birth to Jesus

Australopithecus Afrensis

since 3.5 million B.C.E.

everybody on the planet had to come through me

from the Olduvia Gorge human life was born

from the thighs of momma Africa's

Great Rift Valley

so take a tally, take notes

whatever it takes to rock your boat

but just know

that I'm the Eve to the Garden of Eden


that I'm the virgin that gave birth to Jesus

I'm the first ... I'm the last

I'm the present to your past

Sumerian princess from Kemet's Nile

Babylonian, Dravidian, Olmec child

ire daughta gave birth to one human race

that's what you see upon I & I face

though the media tries to disguise my fame

I'm the mother of justice

Ma'at is my name

so no more blame

no more shame

no more pain

no more games

yo. …


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