Academic journal article The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)

A Letter to the Elders

Academic journal article The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)

A Letter to the Elders

Article excerpt

Where were you when I needed you most

Why didn't you let me know that you have been through the same thing too

Now you saved and don't talk about your past

Why did you let them hide our history from us?

Did you not think we would be around?

Old peope always talk bout the good ole days

I have seen more people die than two lifetimes combined

Where were you when I thought about sucide?

I did it when you was on the phone, like every night

Work always came home with you, when Iwas home for you

Now you wanna cry ain't ever ask me how was school

I would told you about the bullies, the teasing and threats

Now you wanna cry?

Look at them girls dating dem no good boys!

You aint never show us what a lasting relationship looks like

You told me you aint know who my daddy was

Got 10 aunts with no man

Am I destined for the same fate?

I came in the kitchen because I smelled the pots cooking

I wanted to help but you told me to get out of the kitchen

Aint never been back since

Where were you?

Why didn't you get involved before I fell asleep in class?

You told me I wouldn't amount to nothin and I believed you

Where were you?

Dem kids ain't got no home training or respect!

You ain't never give me respect how you expect to get it in return

You just a stupid kid

You did your drugs around me, gossiped about your friends,

You whispered about family secrets you thought my mind was to young to comprehend

You argued in front of me and put your hands on me

You told me to respect you, if anything I want to be nothing like you

Then who do I be like? …

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