Academic journal article The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)

Yard Bird's Bitter Sweet Suite

Academic journal article The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)

Yard Bird's Bitter Sweet Suite

Article excerpt

They Laughed

At The Wonder

In*G...The Wondering

Yellow Jacket

Yard Bird


In Humming

Bird's Eagle Hued


Levitating The Divine

Nector Of The Shadow

Scented Black

Honey Suckle Rose

In The Key Of Sea

Sons Of Shafted Wheat

Sharecroped Chromo

Zones Redeveloped

To Gather The Diasporic

Distance Into Streams

And Lakes

Of Consciousness


Brushing The Droning Node

Of The Lotus Cymbol

With Chipped

Trident Shafts Of Air

Dusty From The Spike Edged Lust

Of Loan Shop Interludes...

Little Did They Know

He Only Four*Shadowed

The Keys Of Their


Passions In The Key Of X*

Perience...Cherry Faced White

Lightnin' Licked Corn

Husked Crow Modes

Laced To The Lapel

Of An Abscent Father's Sun

Day Go To Meeting

Pretty Plummed Princes

Parade In The Debutant Dungions

Of Pendergast's Platnum Palacades

Where The Prez

Delivered The Future

To The Gardenia Toned

Essence Of Each

Lady Day*Zed In A Clan*Descent

Cloak Wolven Ntu

The Brail Silence

Of Smoke Sediment*

Dead Between The Lazer

Gaze Of Luminious Lovers

Lendy Leaping

To Jimmy

Rushing To The Bar

Where The Pent/Angled Changes

To Prohibitions

Pink Flammed Blues

Walked And Bounced

With Bud

Ing Gracefullness

Down Salt Masked

Faces Glass To Glass

Propelled By The Pumiced Poverty

Of Corn Liquor Effervescence

And The Tale Winds

Of A Lost Dream

Bronco Bustin'

Night Mares

Found Deludging Into The Dusk

Hued Palms

Of A Working Mother's Night

Shifting Hands

Calloued From Bare Handing

Typhoon*Slung Tears

Mending Fears

Pretending The Too Few

Crashing Dollar Bills

Would Beak The Hawk Hurled Winters

That Scream Thru Blistered Glass

Windows Festered With Fog

*Ged Frontal Lobes

Limp From The Cresendo

Of Disenfranchisement's Descent. …

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