Academic journal article The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)

Night Rider

Academic journal article The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)

Night Rider

Article excerpt

I don't look like no

Klansman but I think like


Though I still wear a Dashiki

My heart is covered with

A white sheet

I have fantasies involving

Lillian Gish

I struggle with these

Me and my white hooded

Friends share the same


You know the one

I don't look like no slave

But I think like one

I hold Caucasians to

Higher standards than I

Hold myself

I'm incapable of

Reaching such moral


I call them bigots

But what have I


In my soul there

Are cross burnings

desecrated cemeteries

in Prague

I'm hip to the


But to the public

I'm holier than thou

Blacker than thou

Blacker than even


I scare myself with

My Blackness

I know the theory

Of Kawaida backwards

Wussy cowardly

Negroes tolerate

My hatred

Too chicken to object

wolves have a pack

lions have a lair

I have a claque

they clap at my

every word

They give me plaques

Celebrate my birthdate

Three times a year

Name rooms in black

Studies departments after


I make them sweat

If I asked

They would lick the

fungi between my toes

If I asked they would

push a peanut with their noses

When I cursed the O'Hara's

They gave me a buck

Brought me to Tara

And fed me wild duck

Had me stay over

For a long leisurely sleep over

I swam in their heated pool

Even though I linked

them to Yacub

( How did they know about

My cravings for strawberries

And ice cream). …

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