Academic journal article The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)


Academic journal article The Journal of Pan African Studies (Online)


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What is this Haiti?

Who are these Haitians?

Where is this Haiti?

I'm an American, can't find no map.

What is this island without any trees?

Who are these Taino? These Arawak?

Who is this Columbus?

Who discovered a land

So rich and lush

He said "this must be India

And if not, it must be Eden

And if not, it must be Heaven"?

And Nino said

"this cracker must be crazy

I'm going make myself some money off this..."

What is this Spanish empire?

What is this French colony?

This Triangle Trade

That drops the trouble-makers off first?

What are these breaker-island horrors

More horrible then history books?

Who is the black pearl?

What's in Jack Sparrow's ship?

What is the Haitian Revolution?

Who are these people

That had Napoleon

Screaming "Mein! Mein!"

And got Jefferson

Saying "Hey , shorty,

Heard them Negroes getting

The best of you

Tell you what, sell us the southwest

With the ocean view

And U.S.A., we'll see what we can do..."?

Hence the Missouri, the Mississippi,

The New Orleans, too.

All with machetes and voodoo

"you want a rifle?"

"naw, I got voodoo."

What is this voodoo?

(most the island Christian)

And who is this Toussaint?

Why does everyone scream Toussaint?

Who is this black man

That said

"Let's fight the power


Let's be the power


Let's share the power with those formerly powerful

Otherwise a revolution is

One brutal killing

Then another brutal killing

Then another brutal killing

And a killing after that

Is killing to no avail"?

Starting talking that peace

They throw his ass in jail.

Who is this Emperor Jacque the First?

Who is this King Charles?

What is this invisible nation

Who Woodrow Wilson saw fit

For invasion

And U.S. marines

Stormed the sea

And took the trees? …

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