Academic journal article The Hymn

2011 Hymnic Anniversaries

Academic journal article The Hymn

2011 Hymnic Anniversaries

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This compilation appears here in three parts: a chronology of hymn-related events from 1550 to 25 years ago, biographical notes about the persons mentioned in that chronology, and a yearly calendar intended to facilitate appropriate remembrances and celebrations of these persons on the anniversaries of their births or deaths.

Given the possibilities for making this compilation even longer, it has been limited to persons who are remembered for a contribution to hymnody greater than a single translation, arrangement, or harmonization. The information given here is intended to be representative but not exhaustive. Readers who find their interest piqued by any of the entries below are encouraged to seek fuller discussions in any of the standard hymnal companions and other reference works.


1550 ICe firs Ago

461? Patrick of Ireland died (March 17)

500 Years Ago

1511 Paul Eber born (November 8)

450 Years Ago

1561 Menno Simons died (January 31)

Nikolaus Herman died (May 3)

Cornelius Becker born (October 24)

425 Years Ago

1586 Johann Hermann Schein born (January 20)

Martin Rinkart born (April 23)

400 Years Ago

1611 Johannes Olearius born (September 17)

375 Years Ago

1636 Johann David Meyer born (June 15)

325 Years Ago

1686 Paul Heinlein died (August 6)

John Playford died (December ?)

300 Years Ago

1711 Thomas Ken died (March 19)

Willam Boyce christened (September 11)

275 Years Ago

1736 Giovanni Battista Pergolesi died (March 16)

250 Years Ago

1761 Samuel F. Davies died (February 4)

Johann Ludwig Steiner died (March 27)

Joseph Swain christened (May 22)

225 Years Ago

1786 William Lloyd born [no date available]

John Francis Wade died (August 16)

Carl Maria von Weber born (November 18)

Conrad Kocher born (December 16)

200 Years Ago

1811 Rowland Huw Prichard born (January 14)

John Samuel Bewley Monsell born (March 2)

Thomas He !more born (May 7)

William Hunter born (May 26)

William Camero n died (November 17)

John Antes died (December 17)

1 75 Years Ago

1836 Edwin Pond Parker born (January 13)

Newton M. Mann born (January 16)

Washington Gladden born (February 11)

Leighton George Hayne born (February 28)

Edgar Page Stites born (March 22)

Rig don McCoy Mclntosh born (April 3)

Adoniram Judson Gordon born (April 19)

Annie Sherwood Hawks born (May 28)

Sanford Fillmore Bennett born (June 21)

Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott born (July 22)

Jessie Seymour Irvine born (July 26)

Philip Armes born (August 15)

John Farmer born (August 16)

John Stafford Smith died (September 21)

Theodore Monod born (November 6)

Horace Smith born (November 18)

Frances Ridley Havergal born (December 14)

John Rippon died (December 17)

Johann Georg Nägeli died (December 26)

150 Years Ago

1861 Thomas Jarman died (January)

Timothy Battle Mason died (February 10)

Music edition of Hymns ancient & modern published (March 20)

Karl Pomeroy Harringtoii born (June 13)

Vincent Francis Novello died (August 9)

Jessie Brown Pounds born (August 31)

John Henry Hopkins born (September 17)

William John Hall died (December 16)

125 Years Ago

1886 Samuel Wolcott died (February 24)

Reginald Owen Morris born (March 3)

Albert Christopher Fisher born (March 10)

William Hamilton Hamilton born (March 24)

Charles Howard Marsh born (April 8)

John Newton died (July 4)

Bay lus Benjamin McKinney born (July 29)

Joseph Medlicott Scriven died (August 10)

Margaret Beatrice Cropper born (August 29)

Ernest Edwin Ry den born (September 12)

100 Years Ago

1911 James Procktor Harding died (February 21)

Harold Francis Yardley born (March 11)

Donald Wynn Hughes born (March 25)

John Page Hopps died (April 6)

Arabella Katherine Hankey died (May 9)

Bryn Austin Rees born (September 21)

Gertrude C. …

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