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The Men within - A Cricketing Tale

Academic journal article South Asian Journal of Management

The Men within - A Cricketing Tale

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The Men Within - A Cricketing Tale By Harimohan Parwvu Indialog Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi 2007, Pages: 272 Price: Rs. 225 ISBN No. 81-8443-009-4

This book is a read through story, based on Golconda Public School, Hyderabad. It brings a flavor from the life of the author, his passion for cricket and life which is apparently visible from this book. It exhibits love, career, success, friends, teamwork and well being of the society. The very first book by the author but written with good hands on experience. It's a journey through life, the people around, the situations we often are faced with. It is not about winning, but preserving your dreams from being lost. The lead character, a man lost on his destiny, finds the purpose of his life; he Dares to Dream and Achieves; as only achievers are embedded in history. Failure is often individual but success is always collective. It has a glint of corporate learning and evolution where different parties to the matter, effect the situation by doing their little bit towards contributing to the end result.

The heart of the story is the school's Cricket team, which currently comprises of only a handful non-performing candidates. The overall performance of the school is also not as good as its history pronounces it to be. The school is undergoing a rough phase, the number of students in the campus is dropping it has lost its charm and it is on the verge of closure.

The story unwinds when the principal stands for the school's future. He is looking for a coach for his cricket team. The team has been losing matches since a decade now. The principal can think of only one man in the event of this crisis (Sampath Sharma), he was the shooting star that marked the lost cricket match a decade ago, he was the captain of the school's Cricket team then. His fortune has turned against him and under his leadership the team had lost the final match, and had brought the cloud of failure that is still upon the school.

Though not his fault, he hadn't forgotten the past, and, his name was written in black in the school's history. Sampath Sharma could never forgive himself for the lapse that destroyed his bright cricketing career. He had never again played cricket or any other sport after that day; it has impacted his entire life in ways not apparently visible. And now years later he is convinced by the principal to take over the responsibility of the present team and make it the best team, prove his worth to the world and that he was the victim and not the culprit. Sampath Sharma had a tough journey ahead of him he was partially prepared and semi partially aware of what was coming on him, he had to fight the incomplete team to win its confidence, and make it a complete powerful and successful team; he had to disprove the world that condemned the team, create a dream for the team that they could chase, clear the hurdles that lay in their way. He brought the synergy into play. And proved that only if you want something, "hard enough" the whole world would come together to bring that thing to you. He involves the school staff, team's parents, on lookers and others even distantly associated with the school to gain interest in the cricket team of the school.

Deeper into the book it talks about the only name that races the pulses of the India masses, the only thing that binds India like nothing else does. Yes it talks more and more about Cricket and the team that goes through a roller coaster ride, the hardship and turmoil they face, the strength they develop together and the goal they set for the future, all practical aspects of the game, the- teams composition, capability, their attitude and the team play are dealt with carefully. The team's success is important to a lot of people; a lot depends on their little shoulders now. It's the movement of the wheel being invented, where life would never be the same again. The critical aspect of balance between obsession and observations of the cricket matches played by the team before the final brought a lot of ups and downs, the practice matches which failed the team miserably caused* disbelief and a lack of support from the surroundings. …

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