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Management Stripped Bare

Academic journal article Manager

Management Stripped Bare

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3 Views of Management

Management Stripped Bare by Jo Owen

Published by Kogan Page Paperback, 256 pages, ISBN 0-7494-3716-2 14.99

Jo Owen doesn't aim to provide a universal formula for instant management success, as there are an infinite number of ways to succeed and fail. He points out the paradoxes, contradictions and traps of management, and urges directors to use commonsense, rather than embarking on over-ambitious strategies or ego-trips.

The book is an irreverent, witty and pacy survival guide to management. Gobbledegook-free and crystal-clear, it covers every topic of vital relevance to managers from board meetings, to committees, reports, financial charts, time-- management and much more. The many subjects described are listed alphabetically and are presented in easy-to-swallow bites.

For example:

M is for Myths of management

The three main management myths are: we know where we are/we know where we are going and we know how to get there. These beliefs are useful to create a sense of security - a company confessing to its clients that they don't know where they are and aren't sure of what they are doing would fail to impress. However, these myths shouldn't be taken too seriously. If so, managers would run the risk of keeping everything under tight control, becoming inflexible and losing new opportunities.

P is for Power games

We suffer them as junior managers, it is only fair that we should enjoy them in more senior positions. There are several ego-tricks managers can play:

* Meeting power. …

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