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Who Is Driving?

Academic journal article et Cetera

Who Is Driving?

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Food for thought:

If Eve had not shown up would Adam need a language?

Can you have the Big Bang without energy?

Can you have gravity without mass?

Can you have potential energy without kinetic energy?

Can you have you without me?

Them consists of many you's and me's (new construct - A's).

Can you have back without front?

Can you have a hole without a solid (virtual or real)?

Can you have virtual without real?

Can you have God without creation?

Can you have an inventor without an invention?

Can you have a field without a source (magnet, charge, area, space)?

Can you have a label without an author?

Can you have an atheist without having some belief system?

Can you have eternal without death or an end?

Can you have nothing without something?

Can you have zero without infinity? (think 1/3)

Can you have hate without a stimulus?

Can you have a problem without an objective?

Can you have color without light?

Can you have a variable without a constant?

Could you have a search for that one thing that created everything if there was nothing?

Hopefully, I have given you something to think about.

Silence is the only way you can truly know anything, for everything else is an abstraction or virtual. …

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