Academic journal article Cultural Studies Review

Fig: Ure It Out: A Creative Psychoanalysis

Academic journal article Cultural Studies Review

Fig: Ure It Out: A Creative Psychoanalysis

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A tree falls in the forest.

The young lady from Ashfield, with the long brown ponytail, used to walk to the gym every day after work. Did so for six months. Then it became too expensive, too crowded, too far. Told this to the young lady from Ashfield, with the long brown ponytail, and she agreed, only, really she just wanted to go home and take her shoes off.

This is called rationalisation.

The man in steel-cap boots rode the train at midday. His weathered skin hadn't perspired and his small esky was still full: a sandwich wrapped in plastic, an apple, a bottle of water. He went home and fell into his armchair. One month later and he was still sitting there. At night his wife put the children to bed, the washing machine churning in the background, the pressed clothes piled neatly on the ironing board. She collapsed on the sofa and sighed at the sink full of dirty dishes. The man snapped. STOP WHINING YOU LAZY BITCH!

This is called projection.

Didn't realise she was trying to hide her shopping bags. Always did though, as she passed the steps, in the walkway that joined the shopping centre and the car park. Also quickened her pace unknowingly, near the steps, as if suddenly she was in a rush to be somewhere. Plus, she would fiddle, played with her jacket zipper or rearranged the bag strap on her shoulder, anything to divert her eyes at the right time. Wouldn't call it fear though, more like submission, a surrender to an unusual force that kept her anxiety at bay. And just like that she would be driving off in her car, oblivious to the steps, the homeless person sleeping in a pile of rubbish underneath them.

This is called repression.

While waiting in line the American wore a respiratory mask, he said 'back in 1976 there was a Swine Flu threat in the US that scientists thought was linked to the Spanish Flu or La Grippe Espagnole which we all know killed between fifty and one hundred million people in 1918 and don't forget the Russian Flu also a H1N1 virus type that followed the Asian Flu a H2N2 that followed the Spanish Flu and of course there was also the Hong Kong Flu 1968 maybe 34,000 deaths all of which preceded this 1976 threat which preceded the Avian Flu and now th...'. He readjusted his mask.

This is called intellectualisation.

'Defence mechanisms protect us from our discomfort, enabling us to believe that we are behaving quite reasonably. …

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