Academic journal article Military Review

"The B-17"

Academic journal article Military Review

"The B-17"

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You can talk of your planes and talk of them long,

Discuss all their points, both the weak and the strong,

You can argue with passion and calmly assess,

Demerits and merits each plane may possess.

Pile figures on fact and statistics relate,

Or a personal preference impressively state,

But when it's all over it's plain to be seen,

There's none that quite touches the B-17.

First of the four-motored bombers she came,

First to the stratosphere, first to the fame,

Of bombing by daylight the enemy skies,

And first to invite the Luftwaffe to rise.

She made the long hauls, whatever the cost,

And many came back, and many were lost.

Formations were lashed by the fighters and flak,

And battles took place that were bloody and black.

But them she rode still triumphantly strong,

To deliver the goods where we know they belong.

So thanks to the escort for helping us through,

And thanks to the '24, gallant and true.

A toast to them all, let every man raise.

And this to the Fortress describing our praise:

She's a symbol of all freedom can mean,

When angered to flight-the B-17. …

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