TOWARDS LIVING IN THE COMMUNITY: The Actual Conditions and Future Challenges

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Between the 7th and 9th of October 2010, in the conference hall of Hotel Continental, a conference on the topic "Towards living in the community: Actual conditions and future challenges," was conducted. The conference was organized by the following organizations: EASPD, "PORAKA" - the state center for support of people with intellectual disabilities, "Open the Windows," the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism and the desk office of the attaché for social political affairs (BAMSK) of the Austrian embassy in Skopje. The main goal of the conference was for "Building the bridges of knowledge and good practice for improving the social conditions of people with disabilities. " Through discussions and exchanges of experiences from different existing conditions in regions across Europe, providing and facilitating the full involvement of individuals with disabilities within the society was discussed, all in the spirit of the Convention for the rights of people with disabilities adopted by the UN.

The conference was organized in six sessions and two sessions of workshops assembled by 10 sub-workshops. The conference was graced by the presence of 200 guests from different countries around Europe: Great Britain, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Malta, Holland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania and so on. Among them, 51 guests had taken active part with presentations.

A special honor were the presences of Mr. Franz Wolfinayr, president of the EASPD; Mr. Jan Jarab, regional represent for Europe, High commissariat for human rights of the UN; Mr. Thorsten Afflerbach, mayor of the Department for integration of people with disabilities, the Department for social politics, the General directorate for social cohesion; Mr. Gero Stuller, attaché for social politics and accredited representative of the Federal ministry for labor, social work and protection of consumers of the embassy of Austria in Zagreb and Skopje and Mr. …


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