Academic journal article Kuram ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri

A Proposal of "Applied Social Activities" Module for Undergraduate Program of Turkish Language and Literature Teachers: A Qualitative Study

Academic journal article Kuram ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri

A Proposal of "Applied Social Activities" Module for Undergraduate Program of Turkish Language and Literature Teachers: A Qualitative Study

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In this study, it was aimed to determine the views on the contributions provided for the prospective teachers with the course of Applied Social Activities suggested to be in the undergraduate program of the Turkish Language and Literature Teaching. A qualitative research method was used in order to evaluate the views of prospective teachers about contributions of a social activities course. The students of the 10th academic term at Marmara University Faculty of Atatürk Education Department of Secondary Social Sciences Education Turkish Language and Literature Teaching Undergraduate Program took part in this study. In spring semester of 2007-2008 academic year, the prospective teachers were asked to write their views about contributions provided by applications of social activities lesson. The data were obtained through these documents. The analysis of survey data ware carried out by induction analysis which is a method of content analysis. The results were sorted and analyzed according to content analysis. With respect to the findings obtained from the data, the prospective teachers evaluated the applications at two main categories as personal and occupational perspective. The collected data were interpreted by going through also related studies and a proposal made. As a result of the evaluation, the prospective teachers expressed that their skill of declamation in the face of community had developed, their social anxiety had decreased, their skills of cooperation and solidarity had developed, they had gained stronger self-confidence, their social skills had developed, their friends' and their own creativity had emerged, they had learned the situations that they can meet at phases of organization, they had gained experience on behalf of their career, they had got occupational material savings, and they had found the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge. In the view of such information, practically (2-2-3) 4 hour Social Activities" lesson was offered to prospective literature teachers at pre-service period.

Key Words

Turkish Language and Literature Teacher Training, Undergraduate Program, Applied Social Activities, Higher Education.

As well as all over the world, also in our country teachers are obliged to train students in accordance with essential principle and aims of program prepared according to human breeding policy of government. As well as being important role models for the students, literature teachers also have a role for students at gaining knowledge, skill and attitude about literature, acquiring literary pleasure, emerging and developing their special interest and skills by taking notice of individual differences. Teachers do these duties during the lesson and also at extracurricular activities. The main activities done within this scope are educational branch activities and celebration of specific days and weeks. These activities made at secondary schools are carried out within the scope of Regulation of Ministry of Education Primary and Secondary Schools Social Activities published at the Notifications Journal of Ministry of Education dated February 2005 and numbered 2569 (Milli Egitim Bakanligi [MEB], 2005).

In this respect, in the process of training of prospective teachers, their development at preceptorship and subject area are so important, as well as personal development. Because of positive contributions to discovering themselves, creativities, academic achievement, improving their performance of expression, respecting others and satisfying at practices and etc., many educationalists offer students to get education and personally participate in the activities in this respect. From this point of view, analysis of prospective teachers' views about participating in activities is seen significant.

The Importance and Necessity of Social Activities

It is known that the social activities done under different names in different parts of the world as well as in our country have many positive effects on human. …

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