Don't Let Your Kids Be Normal: A Partnership for a Different World

Article excerpt

Don't Let Your Kids Be Normal: A Partnership for a Different World, by Gerry Fewster (2010). Influence Publishing, an imprint of Bookshaker, Great Britain. 424 pages, ISBN 978-1907498152

Don't Let Your Kids Be Normal is a rare, very personal work that caps a career of fifty years of personal and professional commitment to the well-being of children and their families. The author felt compelled to write this book because, throughout that time, he could find nothing in the existing literature that adequately reflected his own personal experiences, thoughts, and conclusions. In it he shares the deepest beliefs and convictions that were inspired by his own Odyssey. He writes chapters that are conversations rather than lectures and offers options rather than prescriptions. Relationships are his business and, true to form, he invites his readers, whether parents or professionals, to join him on an urgent introspective journey that may yet assure the quality and safety of all life on earth - our precious but vulnerable home planet.

University professor, master therapist, and notable director of an outstanding residential community for troubled youth, Gerry Fewster has been serving at the critical edge where dreams and realities collide and healing energies must be activated and perfected daily. He has been standing in that ever-so-common, yet sacred, space between adult and child. As you will soon discover, he invariably brings into this space his scholarly knowledge, dedicated curiosity, and a passionate faith in the creative inner Force that is the birthright of human souls.

Structurally, the seven "chapters" serve as staging grounds for approaching what he considers to be our greatest universal challenge - how to prepare our children to move with confidence and competence in a world filled with fear and uncertainty. Here the available evidence is carefully gathered and critically analyzed, until finally the author can articulate meaningful decisions, principles, and actions. The seven chapters are bound together by a brief Prologue in which he introduces himself and his intentions for the book; and an equally brief Epilogue for a final celebration of the surprising place our adult-child interactions occupy in shaping and re-shaping our lives on this planet. …


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