How an Outfit Can Influence a Profession?

Article excerpt

In December of 2008, as I stood in my closet to pick out the outfit I would wear on the last day of school before Christmas break, I had an idea. Since it was the last day before break I was thinking of wearing a t-shirt, a Teach Ag t-shirt, the one I had received from taking part in the NAAE Family Feud game at the 2008 National FFA Convention with my students. I was thinking about how wearing the t-shirt could be a catalyst for starting a discussion that day about how much I love being an ag teacher. Which started me thinking that maybe I could coordinate something like that in Minnesota, where all the ag teachers would wear a Teach Ag t-shirt and talk to their students about becoming an ag teacher. Well as you hopefully know by now that idea was the basis for National Teach Ag Day, the Teach Ag video, and ultimately the creation of what is now the National Teach Ag Campaign. I share this story with you because this simple act of outfit declaration led to a national initiative that is growing and multiplying to address the issue of agriculture teacher recruitment and retention.

It also serves to remind us all that one person can change the world. You can change the world starting with one student or one colleague. I am really proud of the National Teach Ag Campaign and it is not because I am biased. The National Teach Ag Campaign is actively engaged in the recruitment and retention of agriculture teachers while celebrating the contribution that ag teachers make in their communities. Who have you Tagged To Teach Ag in your own classroom? How have you contributed to local, state, regional, and national Teach Ag events? In what ways have you reached out to mentor a new teacher or help a veteran teacher who is struggling? It is within each of us and is our responsibility to ensure an adequate supply of agriculture teachers in all states. …


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