Academic journal article Hecate

The Cull

Academic journal article Hecate

The Cull

Article excerpt

My dearest,

please do the kindest thing,

and let me despise you, now.

Dearest-please release me from

this metaphysical infestation,

euthanase this fantastically blighted

product of gestation.

Please leave the deformed pup

of my obsession

writhing out on the woodpile,

in the hard, the ground-glass frost.

Please kick the runt of the litter-

my naked need for you-

away from the swollen, the purple-veined

teats of the indolent bitch.

Please put my mewling, my premature,

my pewling wanting of you

in an old hessian sack,

tie the end with jute,

and chuck it overhand into the middle of

a muddied dam.

Please dash the besmirched barnyard egg

of this soft-shelled obsession

against a tree.

Please find the addled nest of my fantasies,

and tip the goggle-eyed fledglings out.

Oh, my darling,

please pull the plug, pull the wall-plug...

press the pillow, press the smothering

goose-down pillow...

Please! quick! drop the brick!

Oh, my darling, please kill the mouthing hope;

kill the ache, the hungry ache;

please abort the foetus of longing;

terminate the fatal you-and-me belonging that

grows daily, by the hour, by the minute,

in my distended belly

like a terrible cyst of desire,

a tumour of futility,

a slit-eyed foundling of impossibility. …

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