Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Regional Affairs

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Regional Affairs

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Apr. 17: In a speech at Virginia Military Institute, President George Bush renewed calls for a campaign against countries representing the "axis of evil," and outlined the second stage of America's military conflict in Afghanistan, Operation Mountain Line. [BBC, 4/17]

Apr. 25: During an informal summit at US President Bush's Texas ranch, Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler, Crown Prince 'Abdullah, warned President Bush of grave consequences to US interests in the Middle East if it would not exert a stronger effort to restrain Israel. [BBC, 4/25]

Apr. 27: During a meeting with US President Bush in Texas, Saudi Crown Prince `Abdullah presented a proposal to the US President which outlines the Princes roadmap to an end to the Israeli-Palestinian violence and included an Israeli pullout from Ramallah and a deployment of international peacekeeping forces. [BBC, 4/27]

May 3: After a gap of sixteen years, President George W. Bush gave the order to resume Normal Trade Relations (NTRs) with Afghanistan. [BBC, 5/3]

May 9: Before a meeting in Cairo with key Arab Foreign Ministers, Secretary General of the Arab League, `Amr Musa, said that he believed that a US proposal for a new Middle East peace conference would actually be part of a plot to create a new regional order dominated by Israel. [BBC, 5/9]

May 14: US Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca met with Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh in Delhi to urge the Indian government to defuse tensions with Pakistan, condemning the assault on an army camp near Jammu as "barbaric terrorism." [BBC, 5/14]

May 15: After meeting with President Pervez Musharraf, US Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca concluded her visit to Islamabad by urging India and Pakistan to hold talks aimed at ending the countries' military standoff. [BBC ,5/15]

May 16: Former White House aide Bruce Riedel revealed that Pakistan deployed nuclear weapons for a possible attack against India in 1999, but was persuaded by the US not to launch them. [BBC, 5/16]

May 18: US officials confirmed that the body found on May 10 was of the missing US journalist, Daniel Pearl. …

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