Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

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Apr. 26: Lebanon's Foreign Minister Mahmoud Hammond, called on the UN to stop Israel's continued violations of Lebanese airspace and sovereignty. [AN, 4/261

May 10: Lebanon's Education Minister `Abdurrahim Murad, announced that KFAED (The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development) would give $45 million to "finance a project to construct and reconstruct 26 schools in Beirut." [AN, 5/10]

May 23: Ghazi al-Areidi, Lebanon's Minister of Information, denied al-Qaida's presence in Lebanon. [AN, 5/23]

May 25: Hasan Nasrullah, Secretary General of the Lebanese Hizbullah Party, stressed his support for the Palestinian Intifada in a speech delivered at a ceremony his party held on the "day of resistance and liberation." [AN, 5/25]

The chairman of the Lebanese Socialist Progressive Party in Lebanon, Walid Jumbulat, stated he would side with Syria if he feels Lebanon under threat. [AN, 5/25] June 17: The Palestinian armed struggle official in Sidon Abu `Ali Tanyous, escaped an assassination attempt. [AN, 6/17]

Lebanon signed an association agreement with the European Union. …

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