Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Syria

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Syria

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Apr. 16: In an effort to revive Syria's economy the Syrian Minister of the Economy Ghassan Al-Refa'e stated at a press conference, held in Damascus, that the government would adopt new tax laws and legislation in order to attract foreign investments. [AN, 4/16]

May 15: It was reported that Syrian authorities banned the distribution of Iraqi opposition papers in the Syrian territories. [AN, 5/ 15]

May 15: Iraq's Trade Minister Muhammad Mehdi Saleh led a delegation to the Iraqi-- Syrian Committee meetings to expand cooperation between the two countries in Damascus. [AN, 5/15]

May 22: President Bashar al-Asad expressed, during a meeting with the delegation representing the Arab bar association, Syria's support to the Palestinian Intifada and commended the national resistance in Lebanon. He stated that "the Arabs have no choice in their conflict with Israel but to resist." [AN, 5/22]

June 1: Syria assumed the presidency of the UN Security Council for a month as part of a rotation. Syria was elected to be part of the fifteen-member council for a two-year term. [BBC, AN, 7/1]

June 14: Syria's Foreign Minister Faruk alShara`, canceled his visit to Washington after the White House suggested he would be coldly received after Islamic Jihad, whose headquarters is in Damascus, assumed responsibility for blowing up an Israeli bus. [AN, 6/14]

June 27: Leaders of four Palestinian organizations whose headquarters are in Damascus believe that Syrian leadership would not respond to President Bush's call to expel them. [AN, 6/27]

June 28: The Syrian People's Assembly, was once again able, after three years of suspension, to bring two of its Ba'athist members before the security economic court. …

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