Academic journal article Iranian Journal of Management Studies

Analysis of Brand Awareness and Guerrilla Marketing in Iranian SME

Academic journal article Iranian Journal of Management Studies

Analysis of Brand Awareness and Guerrilla Marketing in Iranian SME

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Terblanche and Boshoff (2006) cite empirical and anecdotal evidence to support the notion that loyalty is a both a long-term attitude and a long-term behavioral pattern, which is reinforced by multiple experiences over time. Image of brand or supplier is one of the most complex factors. It affects loyalty at least in two ways. Firstly, customer may use his preferences to present his own image. That may occur both in conscious and subconscious level (Kuusik, 2007, p9). Andres Kuusik (2007) reveals that it is not accurate to treat all customers equally in terms of methods of increasing their loyalty. The research supports the research proposition that the list of most important factors affecting loyalty is dependent on the level of loyalty of costumers. He declared it shows also that reliability of products or trustworthiness of the vendor is most critical for behavioral loyalists and the image creation is the main tool for getting committed customers.

Zhao (2010) Studied on the competitive force of car brands in market of China and he resulted that the strong brands of transnational companies have occupied most shares in the car market of China, with larger profit share. He analyzed of two China enterprises, their values of his model could accord with the practical competition ideally, and the brand competitive index model also could better reflect the practice of the car brand competitive force in the market of China, with certain application value. Brands mean different things to different consumers. While brand management may strive to communicate a specific and consistent image to the market, consumers may develop different perceptions of the brand, also depending on their relationship-intensity with the brand. Brand management and research may be well advised to acknowledge the relationship between knowledge, attitude and behavior (Koll and Wallpach, 2009).

Lim, Arokiasamy and Moorthy (2010) argue the task of developing a proper marketing strategy to boost the global brands that will tackle the factors restricting the adaptation of global brands in Malaysia. Being a multi-ethnic country understanding the consumer perceptions towards global brands can harness the marketing strategies. Customer loyalty is a key concern of marketing managers due to its potential impact on firm performance (Reichheld and Teal, 2001).

Lucie Valeckova (2009) applied the balanced scorecard into the formulation of the firm strategy for brand awareness. The Balanced Scorecard does include performance in communities as process perspective objectives when such performance does contribute to the differentiation in the strategy (Kaplan and Norton, 2008).

Marketing is essential for the organic growth of a company. Not surprisingly, firms spend billions of dollars on marketing. Given these large investments, marketing managers have the responsibility to optimally allocate these resources and demonstrate that these investments generate appropriate returns for the firm. A knowledgeable manager should know if pricing, advertising, or distribution is critical for the growth of his business (Gupta and Steenburgh, 2008).

Only in 1983 did Jay Conrad Levinson make the term "Guerilla Marketing" known as a philosophy for small and start-up companies to successfully market their business with a small amount of money. He based the success of a marketing strategy on the use of non-traditional marketing channels, customer proximity, insistency, and patience. Through the drastic technological development until today and its complimentary change in the advertising market, Guerilla Marketing has developed into a marketing form mostly used for Promotion these days. New forms such as Ambush and Viral Marketing have evolved (Drüing, 2008, p6).

Subhani and Osman (2009) Studied on the association between brand awareness and consumer/brand loyalty for the packaged milk industry in Pakistan. …

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