Academic journal article African Research & Documentation

China-Africa Relations: A Bibliography Addendum

Academic journal article African Research & Documentation

China-Africa Relations: A Bibliography Addendum

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This bibliography is an addendum to a longer one on China-Africa relations that appeared in African Research & Documentation, No. 108, 2008. It includes material identified since publication of the original bibliography on countries in both Sub-Saharan and North Africa, up to the end of 2010. As a result, some citations focus on the Middle East as they include information on Egypt and /or North Africa. The bibliography covers all aspects of the China- Africa relationship. It is not restricted to trade, aid, investment, and political ties that constitute so much of the writing on this subject in recent years. The citations are limited to English and French.

The vast majority of the entries deal with PRC-Africa relations after 1949. Many of the citations come from sources that are only available on-line. As this material on the web occasionally moves around or even disappears, I have included an access date for each web citation. Alphabetising for authors from the People's Republic of China and Ethiopia appear with family name first as is the custom in those countries. All other names have been alphabetised by surname, followed by the given name.

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