Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

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Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

Water Map

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Tales About the Future of Liquid


Since ancient times, in the ocean's paths, there have been people who based their lives on the sea. They dove to catch seafood. At other times they set out towards distant destinations in a boat. For these people, the ocean was a place for every clay life as well as a sacred site where their spirits would go after death. The dying spirits were led by sea serpents. Sometimes their spirits turned into the serpents themselves. Showing off their colorfully glittering scales, the serpents moved on to "eternity."

Death was always there. So were the spirits of the dead.

Between people, between humans and nature, between life and death, and between gods and humans, water always filled the spaces. Water connected them and received them. At all times, including when we face our deaths, water wraps us up gently and receives us.

Water flows in a human body as well.

We used to feel that our bodies resembled the earth. When did we start to feel that the moist parts of our bodies, bodily fluids such as tears and blood, the gloomy aspects of our emotions, sex, diseases, old age, and death are shameful, filthy, and something that should not be shown to other people? …

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