Academic journal article Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin

From the Editor

Academic journal article Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin

From the Editor

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As a superintendent of schools, I was fond of developing a theme for each school year that would invite and engage all members of the school community to think about their roles in our educational system. By far my favorite theme - and the one that ultimately held as my personal mantra - was every day a learning day, for through this simple phrase, I sought to challenge not only students but also teachers, support staff, administrators, parents, board of education members, and the community at large to focus on lifelong learning - the theme of this issue. The concept beneath this theme was perhaps best captured by American author, speaker, and trainer Denis Waidey, who asserted, "All of the top achievers I know are lifelong learners. ..looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing, " not moving toward excellence" ( Simply put, if a community wants excellence for its young people and, ultimately, for itself, then its members need to value and model the active pursuit of knowledge and experience that keeps one's mind and body engaged - every day and in many ways.

The articles in this issue explore the many ways that an individual can learn at any age or stage.

By reading* The Educators' Award Committee details its annual award and recommends other illuminating texts that will inspire and inform readers,

By writing, Investigating topics of interest and then clarifying and sharing one's thinking is a challenge, Powell provides Clear, Step-by-Step Instructions to Teacher Research to guide K- 12 educators through this growth process,

By direct experience* Examining artifacts from her own journeys, LaTorre makes a case for lifelong learning through travel, Everett explores how a career at the community college level helps some female educators achieve an effective balance between work and life,

By teaching others* Most educators would agree that organizing and presenting material to a classroom of students requires considerable engagement and effort - and beyond the classroom, such teaching can include mentoring, St. …

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