Academic journal article Chicago Review

From Arisbe

Academic journal article Chicago Review

From Arisbe

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C.O. Milford Pa. 1904

The way bleak north

presents itself here

as Heraclitean error

driving and driving

thought and austerity

nearer to lyricism

Often as black ice

Wrote of antipodes elements

oblong numbers a transuasion

though icon or index though

potentially a sign renders

that which is such as it is

his paper is unintelligible

During hot summers he loved

to roll himself in hot sand

Winters blessed or embraced

statues covered with snow he

was practicing thought signs

Signs of tangible sensation

savage ecstasies of indices

trail off into Psychologism

Condition implies necessity

refutation and some theory

of motives you cannot tell

us now what you did not do

after we hush the landscape

from the drift itself from

further drift headway back

From shipless enveloping sea

I will print you a syllabus

Continuity probability even

the predictability of drift

every visible panorama device

twig bough forest mountain

Lecture on Tchism Synechism

All that is possible actual

in orbit or semi-orbit no

known phenomena no knowable

thought elusive nominalism

Constraint is a secondness

swimming out to sea Europe

Between an interpretant and

its object in playspace the

heart's free interim Macbeth's

crude sacrilege deeper even

Spent those last years not

writing his paper on misery

I remember all the time now

remember the brood the fret

A person throws a stone

as fact through air not

fact but appearance of

fact floating in vacua

Blind existential being

may possibly not occur

at all we know nothing

with absolute certainty

of existent things not even

the single "word" the

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