AFTER EMPIRE: The Birth of a Multipolar World

Article excerpt

AFTER EMPIRE: The Birth of a Multipolar World, Dilip Hiro, Nation Books, New York, 2010, 297 pages, $27.50.

In After Empire: The Birth of a Multipolar World, Dilip Hiro examines the world from the perspective of America losing its status as the sole super power. Hiro examines the world from a historical, economic, and political perspective as he attempts to postulate on what the world will look like in the 21st century with America's role greatly diminished. He lists flashpoints where China, Russia, and the United States may collide as they compete for resources, perceive threats to their national interests, seek control of disputed territories, and pursue their economic interests. American readers may be critical of the author's assumptions and facts, but still find themselves riveted to his point of view and perspective.

The author is very critical of the Bush administration and considers the invasion of Iraq a strategic overreach that cost the United States credibility within the international community. He says, given its economic crisis and the fiscal meltdown, America will become so weak that it will no longer be able to function as the world's sole super power. …


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