Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Review Articles: A Supplemental Account of the History of the American Real Estate Society

Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Review Articles: A Supplemental Account of the History of the American Real Estate Society

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This article supplements the history of the American Real Estate Society (ARES) that was discussed in the Journal of Real Estate Research special article by Pyhrr, Seiler, and Wofford (2011). We compile historical information from several sources with the goal of preserving a permanent record of ARES' rich tradition and history and establish the starting point on which future periodic updates should be based. In the final exhibit, 15 seasoned ARES leaders discuss the future missions, strategies, and goals of ARES on specific topics of interest. The ARES culture, based on purely volunteer leadership throughout the organization, and open and friendly collaboration among its members, has survived the test of time. However, ARES needs to progress to train leaders and to take advantage of modern technology and information transfer platforms to continue its success in the future marketing of its products and services.

In 1996, the American Real Estate Society (ARES) dedicated an entire special issue of the Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER) to a discussion of the first 10 years of the organization. In 2011, ARES published a single article to celebrate and summarize its first 25 years of existence. With more history to cover and far fewer pages to do so, it was inevitable that some important information would have to be left out of the article. In writing the 2011 JRER article, Pyhrr, Seiler, and Wofford (2011) discovered that ARES did not have good historical records and lists of its key individuals, activities, events, sponsors, publications, awards, and achievements that have been important elements of ARES' development and success over the past 25 years. The purpose of this article is to compile, organize, and publish such records and lists and to do so in a location that can be permanently accessed and therefore permanently documented. We also present the organization's vision, strategy, and plans for the future, as seen through the eyes of 15 ARES leaders who were asked to present their thoughts on specific areas of expertise.

The exhibits in this paper have been hand-collected from old newsletters, hard copies of various ARES journals, individual ARES member's personal records, and even individuals' institutional memories. Sadly, we were not able to find every piece of information we wanted to include. It is our hope that this type of information will be better documented moving forward and even periodically published in one of the ARES journals not only to create a permanent record, but also because a journal is an excellent location to allow for proper sharing of this type of information with both members and non-members of ARES.


ARES is the largest research and education real estate organization in the world, with nearly 1,500 total members including individual academicians, industry professionals, libraries, and students. To understand why ARES is so successful, it makes sense to discuss the top 10 reasons to join ARES.

Top 10 Reasons to Join ARES

1. Impressive Array of Publications. This is the number one membership benefit. The Society publishes six referred journals: the Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER), Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management (JREFM), Journal of Real Estate Literature (JREL), Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education (JREPE), Journal of Housing Research (JHR), and most recently, the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (JOSRE). The JRER is the organization's flagship journal and is a highly respected, rigorous research outlet for top scholars in the field. In addition, hard-bound monographs are published regularly and focus on key topics and issues of interest to industry decision-makers and academics.

2. World-class Meetings on World-class Water. World-class water has been the hallmark of ARES annual meetings. Kudos to Art Schwartz, the meeting planner for ARES, who apparently has a secret formula that connects affordability with world-class water. …

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