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Online Dating Services - Chronology and Key Features Comparison with Traditional Dating

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Online Dating Services - Chronology and Key Features Comparison with Traditional Dating

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Online dating services have become increasingly and widely used for large mix of populations. Despite numerous stigmas attached to the people who are seeking such dating services, these kind of online dating services -it seems- are here to stay. The number of people who are seeking these services is on the rise, and the figure for businesses and web sites that open for this purpose is increasing as well. But how did we get into this state of web sites and how does it compare with old time traditional dating. This paper gives perspectives on these kinds of dating services and provides a comparisonto what used to be practiced before (we call it here traditional dating services). The paper starts by giving an introduction and a brief history of online dating services. It then delves more into the different categories of these services, their key features, and then it tabulates these key features with what used to be offered in old style traditional dating.

Keywords: Online dating services, Dating online, Tabulation of online dating service, Categories of online dating service


Dating online has emerged lately to be a popular tool for meeting other people online and to establish a relationship (Orr, 2004). This kind of business has experienced substantial growth in terms of the profits that they are generating, in terms of the membership and the people who are using it, and also in terms of the number of businesses that are offering these services.

In terms of profits from online dating services, Mitchell (2009) provides evidence of the extensive growth of this kind business and states that online dating web sites constitute the third most profitable kinds of business on the web. The list below shows the most profitable of online business categories:

Top Online Paid Content Sites in 2008 by Category ($ in millions)

Digital music $1,732

Video games $1,866

Dating $957

To show the increasing number of people who are using these kinds of services, Gunter (2008) conducted a survey on some 30,000 online respondents in the UK. More than 3800 responded to the survey questions about the extent of their use of online dating services. The following numbers were extracted from this survey:

- 29% said they used online dating services at least once

- 30% spent more than 200 British pounds on dating online

- 70% achieved at least one date

- 43% achieving at least one sexual relationship

- 9% found a marriage partner

The number of businesses that are providing such services is on the rise also. Marsan (2008) estimated that there are about 800-plus online dating services. This number is expected to increase and also new categories of this business are emerging. But what drives this kind of growth and how do they compare in their key features with traditional dating? This paper intends to give answers to these questions. It first gives a chronology and description of online dating services and then compares their key features with similar features in traditional dating methods.

The remainder of this paper is divided into four sections. First, the paper gives a chronology and description of online services in terms of history, categories, membership, and reasons for growth. Second, a description of the key features in terms of pros and cons is given in the next section. Third, key features of online dating services are compared and tabulated with traditional dating methods. Last, the paper presents a summary and suggestion for future study.


There are different factors that have contributed to the start and growth of online dating services. Also, there are different categories and procedures for membership of these services. This section gives a chronology and description of online dating services. It give a brief history, analyses the reasons that have ontributed to their growth, it elaborates on the membership process, and discusses the different categories of online dating services. …

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