Academic journal article Journal of Management Research

Time Management in Travel and Tourism Companies in Jordan

Academic journal article Journal of Management Research

Time Management in Travel and Tourism Companies in Jordan

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The study aimed to reveal the reality of time management in travel and tourism companies in Jordan through identifying the loss of time and the reasons for that, whether regulatory or informational, and learn how efficient the management of choke points, and how quickly does customer requests are responded to.

The required data has been collected by questionnaire of 14 companies. The main findings of the study is that there is no waste of time in travel and tourism companies in Jordan due to organizational and informational aspect, with the exception of certain matters such as conflict of business goals, there isn't coordination between departments of the company, and there isn't renewed and up-to-date information for decision-maker when taking any decision. The study also found that they don't manage time of choke points efficiently, and they're quick to respond to customer orders, except that it does not provide new tourism products to customers in a rapid and up-to-date way

Most importantly, the study recommended tourism and travel companies in Jordan to work to eliminate or decrease conflict in work objectives, guide the company's departments towards coordination among them, provide up-to-date and renewed information continuously for decision maker, and manage choke points time more efficiently, as well as to provide new tourist products for customers in a rapid and up-to-date way.

Keywords: Tourism, Travel companies, Time management, Touristic companies

1. Introduction

Organizations must have more interest in time as it is a scarce resources and it involves the various resources of the Organization, if time wasn't managed, nothing else will be managed. And a good management of time is useful in providing the resources and the costs of the Organization; the time element is the only productive component fairly distributed among organizations, unlike other production elements, therefore if this element is used efficiently and effectively it will reaches the efficiency in the functioning of the Organization, the Organization has specific objectives sought to be achieved by devoting all resources, possible investment and available abilities at hand including time.

Spending time without investing will be useless, what is required is to invest time to achieve the objectives of the Organization, it is like our capital if it hasn't been invested it is lost, but if it is invested it will continue to grow and bear fruit in the future. So we must be aware that there are cost implications if we wasted time and invested poorly.

Time management varies in difficulty from on facility to another depending on the type and nature of the sector. In the tourist sector it seems difficult as products are intangible, heterogeneous, uneven and difficult to predict. Therefore the management companies operating in this sector must do more than care for achieving greater effectiveness of available time to all corners of the organization.

Travel and tourism companies offer many different services contributed significantly to the operation and development of many segments of the tourism sector and other sectors directly and indirectly. The nature and size of these companies and its quality, affect these sections and sectors. One of the most important things that needs attention to improve performance and meet customer requests quickly, is the management control and guidance of time to the best investment through good organization and provision of appropriate information systems and management of the chock points stations efficiently.

2. Previous studies

Study Alharahashh, Mohammad (2009) the study aimed to identify the viewpoint of administrators in Al-Bayt University towards the degree of effective time management. The study found that effective time management were high, the study recommended to spread awareness of the importance of official time to employees which will give the university back positive results. …

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