Academic journal article Journal of Management Research

Pollution as a Consequence of Public Transport: A Case Study of Kolkata, India

Academic journal article Journal of Management Research

Pollution as a Consequence of Public Transport: A Case Study of Kolkata, India

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One of the vital activities in an urban area is transport. However it also contributes to air pollution, noise pollution and road traffic accidents. Congestion, vibration, community severance and visual intrusion are other transport related problems.

Air quality on the city of Kolkata (a metro city of India) seems to be deteriorating. Pollution level in the city and its outskirts is alarming. This is due to old vehicle plying in the road of Kolkata and illegal vehicle plying violating pollution norms, by using bad fuel such as KATATEL. Government, non-government organization, environmentalist are doing their best, but to keep the city pollution level low, it demands a total consciousness of people from all works of life to make the city green. This study has made an attempt to sensitize the issue of pollution which is a sustainable threat to humankind arising out of public transport and the kind of hazardous fuel namely Katatel used by these public transport owner for running their vehicle.

Keywords: disease, Katatel, pollution, transport, urbanization, vehicles.

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In today's scenario, transport, of any kind, has got an important and vital role in the developed as well as developing society especially in relation to industry and business. From the ancient times, as we know, there was three basic need of the mankind, namely food, cloth and shelter. But in today's world one more need, the most vital one, is added and that is transport. The role of transport in the process of development is of great interest. It is the basic to the operation of the economy and society (Allport and Thompson, 1990). Transportation helps to develop economic growth. It also helps to grow technological process that leads to develop the standard of living. Besides, it also helps to integrate market and reduce the cost of the factor, and encourage division of labor. It is responsible for creating increasing rate of return. As society and economic organization have become more complex, the need for transport has expanded and people have found it essential to use other form of transport service.

The story goes like this. Right from the moment when the baby is in the womb, he knocks his mother to go to hospital and he needs transport. The baby is born and growing up. He goes to school and college and almost at every moment he needs transport. After completion of his studies, he goes to work and builds his family. Still he needs transport at every step. And it goes on like this till his death. After his death he is taken to burning ghat (crematorium) and transport is needed. Truly speaking, to get all the three basic needs of life as mentioned above, we need transport at every step. So undoubtedly transport is the prime need of our life in the present day.

Amongst many modes of transport, the role of motor vehicle is the most important. It is the most popular mode also, due to its availability in different shapes and models suitable to the public need and its easy accessibility to any place connected with minimum road network. With the growth in industries and business and fast development of the society, the need vis-à-vis growth of road transport is ever increasing both for private and public use. Road transport has come a long way from being a supplementary service mainly to railways and partly to water transport in the past, and has definitely established its identity and utility in the present days.

Road transport is basically divided into two types i.e. passenger transport and goods transport. Also depending on the need of different areas transport is classified in different nature like city transport, urban transport and rural transport. It is obvious that adequate and specific plan for all these kind of transport modes must be drawn keeping an eye on the need of the society in the coming days. The continuous development in the automobile technology is to be taken into account for such planning. …

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