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Academic journal article Journal of Singing


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THREE MEZZO-SOPRANO ARIAS from Margaret Garner. Voice and piano. Associated Music Publishers, Inc., 2007 (Hal Leonard Corporation). Titles: "Margaret's Lullaby"; "A Quality Love"; "Intermezzo." Tonal; A^sub 3^-A[musical flat]^sub 5^; Tess: CR; regular changing meters; moderate to slow tempos; WM-mD, P/M-mD; 4-5 pages each. All sung by Margaret Garner. The composer states that if these three arias are sung together, the title "Triptych from Margaret Garner" may be used, as this grouping was commissioned by the Wheeling Symphony for a world premiere in 2006.

1. "Margaret's Lullaby." D[musical flat] centered; C^sub 4^-A[musical flat]^sub 5^; Tess: CR; 2/2, 6/4, 3/2, 4/4, Moderato semplice, flowing ... = 42-44; V/mD, P/M; 4 pages.

After a long day in the fields and finishing supper, Margaret sings a tender lullaby to her infant daughter. Over a simple slow afterbeat accompaniment pattern of ... with the half notes in the bass on beats one and three and the quarter notes in the treble on beats two and four, Margaret sings a sad, tender, lightly syncopated melody as the lullaby.

2. "A Quality Love." Pentatonic on D[musical flat]; D[musical flat]^sub 4^-G^sub 5^; Tess: CR; 2/2, 3/2, 4/4, Andante ... = 84-88; V/M, P/M; 4 pages.

At a large wedding reception for Gaines's daughter and her new husband, the talk turns to the nature of love, which quickly becomes a heated exchange between Gaines and his new son-in-law George. After the tension-breaking "first dance," Caroline asks Margaret, who is serving at the reception, for her opinions about love. Offended by Caroline's appearance of equality with Margaret, the guests abruptly leave. …

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